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If you are moving from Aperture to Lightroom, this article and the comments should prove helpful

Never pay a penny for presets – one of 10 tips for new users



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Moving from Aperture to Lightroom

10 tips for new users

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Lightroom 7.1

Lightroom 7.1 came out overnight with updates to all parts of the "Lightroom world" - to Lightroom itself (ie the so-called "Classic") and also to the cloud-dependent iOS, Android and PC/Mac apps. It's mainly about new camera support, bug fixes, and performance tuning, but I recommend that you check out the one feature that is new - a completely-rewritten Auto button.

“Best photos”

What are the criteria for “best photos” in Lightroom web‘s technology preview? The info isn’t published anywhere and Adobe haven’t said much apart from talking about how their Sensei artificial intelligence tool analyses images uploaded to LrMobile (the FAQ says you can opt). It’s also a “technology preview” and is probably changing quite rapidly. If […]

How do you keep Silver Efex-saved files in re-editable form?

Although my starting point is LR, I always launch Silver Efex this way, via Photoshop as Smart Object. The flexibility is a big advantage.

Lightroom Mobile and Photoshop

Here's a nice little feature in Photoshop 2018. Its Welcome page now lets you directly access photos you've synced in Lightroom.

New Embedded & Sidecar workflow

Lightroom’s 7th incarnation – the so-called Lightroom Classic – introduces a new Embedded & Sidecar workflow which is designed to let you review, compare, and cull reject photos much faster than before. The key points are: It’s for anyone with too many photos, too little time You must select Embedded & Sidecar in the Import […]

Sign into Adobe with Google or Facebook IDs

From today people can use a Google or Facebook account to log into Adobe. For Lightroom CC users this opens up a great opportunity to squeeze more value out of your subscription, because this little change makes it so much easier to get feedback on your work via Lightroom on the Web, the web browser part of Lightroom Mobile.

CC 2015.12 and Mobile 2.8 updates

Adobe have released a bunch of updates: Lightroom CC 2015.12 New camera support Fixed the serious “map offline” problem in Map caused by Google changing the underlying web service. Lightroom Mobile Brush tool added I must admit, I hardly use the brush tool any longer – the radius is my go to Details (sharpening and […]

How to remove photos from “All Synced Photographs”

After removing pictures from a synced collection or after stopping a collection from syncing, the images remain on Lightroom Mobile and in "All Synced Photographs". How do I find these photos so I can remove them from Adobe's server?