Things were just getting a little bit too crowded for comfort over on my main web site, the photos and posts about photography fighting for space with all the Lightroom stuff.

So I set up this separate site to gather all my Lightroom activity into a single place – blog posts, less-abrupt versions of answers I’ve given in forums, plug-ins, anything directly related to Lightroom….

It means that my longer Lightroom posts or “rants” are no longer buried in the blog but can become articles and have their own section, while posts relating to each of my plug-ins will have their own tags and urls. Information should be a lot easier to find – and visitors to my photography site can breathe a sigh of relief.

If you are moving from Aperture to Lightroom, this lengthy article and the comments should prove helpful


Import raw files into LR Mobile?

You can’t really do this. Mobile is not designed as a laptop replacement for travelling. But there are workarounds.

LR Web – clients don’t have an Adobe account?

Is it possible to have a client review and comment on a shared album if they don’t have an Adobe account? It’s possible, by setting up a dummy account.

Lightroom Mobile 1.3

You can now copy adjustments from one image to another, there’s a new Segmented view in Collections, and Presentation Mode lets you hand your iPad over without worrying about someone changing your flags, ratings and adjustments.

First hints of Lightroom 6

If it hadn’t been so cold here, I’d probably make a joke about the first shoots of spring – but we’re now seeing the first hints that Lightroom 6 is coming.

Lightroom Mobile now on Android phones too

Adobe always prioritised Lightroom Mobile’s iOS version – iOS is disproportionately dominant among Lightroom users – but they’ve always said Android was planned. It’s just been released for Android phones.

Adobe release Aperture and iPhoto import tool

Adobe have just announced the release of their Lightroom plugin to import Aperture and iPhoto libraries.

List View 1.80 lets Excel send text to Lightroom

I’ve just uploaded the next version of ListView. The zip file also includes an Excel add-in that can send data directly from Excel to Lightroom. Is there an easier way to get external metadata into Lightroom?

Aperture-like projects and Lightroom

You can have an Aperture-like project structure providing you don’t make the mistake of thinking Lightroom folders are Aperture projects.


Visitor statistics in the wake of Aperture’s demise

Goodbye Mr Damocles?

Lightroom 5.5 brings a hugely-surprising – and very welcome – change to how Lightroom behaves once you stop subscribing or after a trial ends.

Apple kills Aperture

Even before yesterday’s announcement about the end of Aperture, consistently the most-visited page on this site was Moving from Aperture to Lightroom.

Syncomatic matches by capture time

I’ve just updated my Syncomatic plug-in to version 2.0. This plugin synchronises Library metadata and Develop adjustments between pairs of files whose names match or from the top item of a stack to the other stacked items.

What’s new is that . . .

One big folder?

Scott Kelby says put all images in one folder first. I want to stay with two folders is LR still appropriate?

Brush your mask

Camera Raw 8.5 has a nice addition to the graduated and radial filters, and it’s a fair bet to say that this will soon come to Lightroom too.

Looking better?

Hopefully the site’s new look has settled down now. Do say if there’s anything wrong.

I’ve also just removed the “Elsewhere” section which showed recent posts on other good Lightroom sites. I’ll restore it if people say it was useful, but . . .

Long term thinking

Maybe the most common response to yesterday’s announcement of Lightroom Mobile has been annoyance at it being tied to a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. I won’t defend that other than by saying that it was pretty inevitable given Adobe’s . . .

Lightroom Mobile – Lightroom for the pub?

Late September Adobe’s Tom Hogarty demonstrated a Lightroom app on the iPad, and a couple of months ago what looked like a draft announcement made a brief appearance on Adobe’s web site. It was promptly removed, but not before people . . .