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Big Note

If you are moving from Aperture to Lightroom, this article and the comments should prove helpful

Never pay a penny for presets – one of 10 tips for new users



The "Lightroom Plan"?

The 20 minute wow

10 tips for new users

Workflow smart collections

Moving from Aperture to Lightroom

Why not to use more than one catalogue

Complex File Renaming - using my Search & Replace plugin

How you can use more than one catalogue

Keywording – a 3 phase approach

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Lightroom Solutions

John Beardsworth's Lightroom advice and training, plug-ins and web galleries, custom solutions

Delete sidecar JPEGs script

Because I like the Embedded and Sidecar Preview workflow, with my Fuji X-T2 I shoot Raw+JPEG to allow LR to quickly get full resolution previews from the sidecar JPEGs. But once I have reviewed the pictures I no longer need the JPEGs for any purpose, and they use up storage space, so for a couple of more

Photos shot on this date?

Want Lightroom to find what photos you shot on this date? This script creates a smart collection for the same date for the previous 25 years.

ISO-dependent presets

Here's a little script that generate ISO-dependent preset section from one's previous editing. You select a bunch of edited photos, run the script, and calculates average sharpening and noise reduction per ISO which you can slot into the preset file.

Merge to Panorama

While this site is about Lightroom, I thought this article From the ACR Team: Merge to Panorama was worth pointing out as it combines in-house knowledge about the LR/ACR processes with thoughts about using the camera to take advantage of them.

Lightroom 9.2

Adobe overhauled the default raw settings, reading picture styles and other in camera settings, and allowing you to define defaults in the Preferences. PSB support has also been added.

Lightroom 9.0 and folder/collection labels

Filtering folders and collections by label colour is probably Lr9.0's most-generally useful addition. After all, if you can't filter by a colour, why bother adding the colour in the first place? Filtering by colour makes this feature coherent.

Syncomatic version 3

I've just released version 3 of my Syncomatic plugin which syncs metadata between files with matching names or within stacks.

Lightroom 8.4

Another release of Lightroom was announced yesterday and contains a few interesting additions - GPU Accelerated Editing extended to more areas, PNG export support, Colour Labels for collections - follows labels for folders in 8.3, Batch Merge for HDR and Panoramas.