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If you are moving from Aperture to Lightroom, this article and the comments should prove helpful

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10 tips for new users

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Moving from Aperture to Lightroom

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John Beardsworth's Lightroom advice and training, plug-ins and web galleries, custom solutions

Lightroom 9.0 and folder/collection labels

Lightroom’s latest update came out earlier this week. Features are now released every few months, so I wouldn’t read much if anything into Adobe calling it Lightroom 9.0. The new features that I like most are: Content aware fill for panorama edges. This doesn’t always work perfectly but can be great when used in combination more

Syncomatic version 3

I've just released version 3 of my Syncomatic plugin which syncs metadata between files with matching names or within stacks.

Lightroom 8.4

Another release of Lightroom was announced yesterday and contains a few interesting additions - GPU Accelerated Editing extended to more areas, PNG export support, Colour Labels for collections - follows labels for folders in 8.3, Batch Merge for HDR and Panoramas.

Lightroom 8.3

Big new feature is a new slider - Texture. For me it's a subtler form of Clarity, like a blend of Clarity and Sharpening, and it's a global or local adjustment.

Lightroom 8.2 Enhanced Details

Lightroom 8.2 came out yesterday, and a single feature is worth highlighting - a new Enhanced Details commend. This applies AI or machine learning - what I call "educated brute force" - to the process of converting a raw file.

Filtering by months, captions etc with Search and Replace

Responding to a forum query about finding images by month, I write this little tip. This shows how one can use the Refresh Workflow Filters command. Apart from the month, here I can see that 129 images don’t yet have captions, and I can also filter by caption. Where you see “Autumn colours in Mane” more

Collaborative Proofing – Lightroom CC thinking for a Lightroom Classic task?

A new feature has just gone live in Lightroom Web. Called Collaborative Proofing, and available as a Technology Preview, it is designed to share sets of photos with clients, allowing them to select the items they want.

Lightroom 8.1

Lightroom 8.1 is out. For me the best new new feature is a detail in Book - photos can now snap to a grid. This brings together the other recent changes which provided much more flexibility over book layout.