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OS support

How many Lightroom users still use Snow Leopard? And Vista?

Lightroom 5 favourite no 5: AutoSync and local adjustments

So we get to number 5, and I think this qualifies as a “you read it here first”! AutoSync now works properly with local adjustments!

Lightroom 5 favourite no 4: PNG files

Progress, if just one file type at a time….

Lightroom 5 favourite no 3 – Managing hierarchical keyword lists

It’s now easier to manage hierarchical keyword lists with the Keywords Filter. Child keywords can now be displayed too.

Lightroom 5 favourite no 2: Radial Filter

The new Radial Filter adjustment may replace the Adjustment Brush for many of your local adjustments

Lightroom 5 favourite no 1: the Visualize Spots mask

The Visualize Spots mask helps you do a better job cleaning up those dust spots, and do it faster too. What’s not to like? Apart from discovering that your camera’s sensor isn’t as clean as you hoped….

Lightroom 5

Lightroom 5 was released in June 2013. Read more here, and see my favourite 5 features.

Lighroom 5 beta

Adobe have released a public beta of Lightroom 5