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Adobe’s FY2015

Adobe have released their financial results for FY2015. They now have 6.17 million Creative Cloud subscriptions which is 50% above target and represents 35% of their CC/CS user base.

Long term thinking

Roger Martin asks if Adobe’s switch to subscription-limited software is a bold, creative customer-friendly management decision, as The Economist suggests? Or could it be a desperation move in the form of a financial gadget that is aimed at covering up a lack of innovation?

More numbers

Adobe announced its FY2013 Q4 results yesterday and I suppose that the headline is that they have met their target of 1.25 subscribers by the year end. And who is surprised?

Charts too?

Since I know at least 4 (!) people found my “not more numbers” post interesting, here’s a little bit more about Adobe’s stock price.

Not more numbers!

Look, I spent all those years in accounting, so you’ll have to humour me when I point you in the direction of more financial numbers from Adobe. In fact their stock price never really interested me until recently, so I can readily understand if you have never gone looking for their quarterly results, but do take a look at Adobe Reports Strong Q2 FY2013 Financial Results and the more-digestible powerpoint slides.

There’s probably just one nugget of information worth polishing and keeping in your pocket – they have now reached 700,000 subscribers to their Creative Cloud. So those 700,000 have voluntarily chosen the subscription route over buying a traditional licence. They’ve probably made a rational decision too.

Going forward, new customers and upgraders are no longer offered any choice – you either subscribe, or you don’t upgrade. With the only option being this Hobson’s choice, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if more…

To be or not to be?

The Financial Analyst Briefing Slides from last week’s Adobe Max conference are interesting. Yes, you read that right….