Adobe have released a bunch of updates:

  • Lightroom CC 2015.12

    • New camera support
    • Fixed the serious “map offline” problem in Map caused by Google changing the underlying web service.
  • Lightroom Mobile
    • Brush tool added
      • I must admit, I hardly use the brush tool any longer – the radius is my go to
    • Details (sharpening and noise) for iOS
      • Is a phone or iPad a great place to sharpen?
    • New iPad interface
      • It’s generally much more elegant
      • Unfortunately they have removed the elegant speed rating which lets you swipe the image to apply ratings or flags
    • New interface for Android

Also notice that Adobe are looking closely at performance issues for a coming version. This is not a recent thing, and most LR6 versions have included performance tweaks such as GPU acceleration or the option to use smart previews. Whether these have been successful is another matter, and external factors such as 4-5k screens and larger raw files must play a role, but clearly Adobe has been aware of performance problems for some time. So one can hope or anticipate something exciting for the next version of Lightroom.