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Integrating with InDesign

Published Folders can group related images and make it easier to find pictures when you’re in InDesign.

If you want to create a book in InDesign using raw files adjusted in Lightroom, the way I recommend it to use a Publish service to create and maintain a folder of TIFs which you then use for the InDesign project:

In Publish Services, click the + to add a new service.
Select the Hard Drive option.
Choose a folder such as “my ID book 30x30cm images” (you won’t be able to change this folder so choose its location carefully).
Choose 16 bit TIF as the file type.
Set the size to match the dimensions required for the book. Yes, this means that if you want to use multiple sizes, you’ll need multiple hard drive services.
Sharpening is up to you. I’d go for standard.
Save the Publish Service – here I called mine “inDesign Project”
Add the pictures you want. more…

iPad via InDesign

Terry White’s latest Adobe Creative Suite podcast Lightroom to InDesign to iPad: Interactive Portfolios

Pandora’s box – or InDesign to Blurb

There’s never one way to do something, and whether it’s climbing a hill or putting together a book, it usually makes sense to have a good look around before setting out. Initially I’m going to do a test book with the minimum number of pages and trying out things like colour images (eek) or double page spreads which the final book probably won’t contain. So I’ve been reading through forum posts (RSS feed) or the Blurberati blog, and playing around with Blurb’s BookSmart – pretty well confirming my feeling that it’s a bit too limited for how I like to work.

What I mean here is that once I see an image in a layout, there’s a pretty good chance I will want to adjust it again. This expectation may be a personal thing, always wanting to fine tune and never saying something’s finished. Or perhaps it’s more in the very more…

Metadata from Lightroom to InDesign

I recently saw a wedding book some friends had created using Photobox. They wouldn’t claim to be computer-savvy, but they’d done a great job and were able to give copies to close family. It should be just that easy, shouldn’t it, and I am more than a little frustrated that Lightroom still doesn’t have a book layout tool. No doubt it will come, even if only via an Export plug-in.

Anyway, putting together a book of my Sealed Knot pictures earlier this year in InDesign, one big irritant was displaying text next to the pictures. I couldn’t bring myself to retype or cut and paste the captions, knowing the images contained the metadata added in iView, Lightroom or Photoshop, and I don’t think it was my inexperience with InDesign. As it was, I got distracted, but next time I have a crack at it, here’s an InDesign script which pulls XMP more…