Responding to a forum query about finding images by month, I write this little tip about using the Library Filter in conjunction with the plugin’s Refresh Workflow Filters command.

This menu command Plugin Extras > Refresh Workflow Filters analyses the selected photos and the results can be shown in Library Filter columns:




Notice how Date is standard Lightroom, but Month, Caption*, #Keywords, Keyword chars are generated by the plugin. Not everyone will find all this detail useful, but some might. Here I can see how many keywords I’ve entered, those with 0 or small numbers of keywords telling me I’ve work to do! Personally, I don’t care about the total number of characters of the keywords, but this was requested by someone whose stock agency imposes limits.

Now, as well as showing the months, what I immediately notice is that I can see that 129 images don’t yet have captions. I like to ensure every photo is captioned, so Refresh Workflow Filters is pointing out the exceptions.

Also, I quickly spot “Autumn colours in Mane…” is there twice, which seems odd. So I might change the Library Filter so it has only the Caption* column. In this case I can see that they are genuinely different captions that just happen to start the same.

To prove my point, when reviewing this screenshot I noticed the misspelling “Borrwodale” and could quickly filter the grid to correct it.


In some cases I find typos or errors from this analysis.