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Cropping with Syncomatic

Syncomatic is my plugin that syncs metadata and adjustments between files with similar names or within stacks. But one thing has annoyed me ever since I wrote it 6-7 years ago – it couldn’t sync the crop.

I always wanted to do it – why wouldn’t I? – but for reasons best known to themselves Adobe didn’t make crop available and it’s been even more painful since I heard people were using it for a raw+JPEG workflow involving Lr Mobile.

Sadly, possible workarounds involved techniques I disliked, or relied on undocumented features in Adobe’s SDK, and would trigger large and unnecessary backups. And none seemed reliable anyway. So I just kept the idea on my to-do list.

Finally when Lightroom 6 came out someone noticed it included a second SDK method to apply adjustments, so I dug around and saw that it included crop settings. The method is undocumented, and it does only more…

Syncomatic and LrMobile

I’ve updated Syncomatic to facilitate an interesting new workflow involving LrMobile. Shoot Raw+JPEG in the field, import the JPEGs and adjust them in LrMobile, and then sync that work to the raw files with Syncomatic.

Syncomatic 1.44

I’ve just released version 1.44 of my Syncomatic plug-in which synchronizes the metadata of files with matching names.

The change is a “Merge Keywords” checkbox which replaces one called “total keyword sync” which sneaked into 1.43 but didn’t do anything except provoke a few puzzled emails. “Merge Keywords” works, and I hope it’s a more intuitive name for the feature.

So what does it do? Well, Syncomatic usually operates by overwriting metadata in the target files, so it would take the rating, label, caption, keywords etc from the source image and make the target image the same. So in the screenshot, img1234.dng’s keywords would replace whatever keywords are img1234.jpg.

But what if you want the DNG’s keywords to be added to those in the corresponding JPEG, and vice versa? That’s what “Merge Keywords” does – copies the DNG’s keywords to the matching JPEG, and copies the JPEG’s keywords back to the DNG. So the more…

Syncomatic 1.23 now syncs into stacks

Version 1.23 of my Lightroom plug-in Syncomatic is now available via Photographers Toolbox. The new feature is that now, as well as handling files with matching names, it can now synchronise metadata and adjustments within stacks

When you add metadata like the title or keywords to a stack, Lightroom only updates the picture on the top of the stack – items lower down the stack are not updated. So if you do want all members of the stack to share similar metadata, you first have to expand the stack and select all the items. Then after adding the metadata, you would collapse the stack again. For some users, that is OK because they will only keep the best image and don’t want to annotate the rejects. But for others it’s pretty inefficient, for instance stock photographers or those who use stacks to gather frames intended for panorama stitching. For them more…

Syncomatic plug-in – now syncs adjustments too

I’ve just released a new version of my Syncomatic plug-in.

Syncomatic’s original purpose was to tidy up metadata when you are faced with sets of pictures whose names match but whose metadata is out of sync. For instance you may have lots of TIFs or JPEGs which have been output from your raw files, but you then added keywords to the raw files. How do you then make 1234-edit.tif have the same keywords and other metadata as the original 1234.nef, make 1235-edit.tif the same as 1235.nef and so on? Syncomatic does that job.

It now does the same with adjustments (at least as many as it can).

Why would one want to do that? Well, for example, I was contacted by someone who had taken 15,000 pictures in a very short period, and sheer pressure of work had led him to switch his camera to Raw+JPEG and import only the JPEGs. He’d then more…