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Caption builder added to Search and Replace

Anyone want to try a new feature that’s coming in my Search and Replace plugin? The new feature is called “caption builder” and lets you build up captions from other fields.

Search Replace Transfer 1.47

I’ve just released version 1.47 of my Search Replace Transfer plugin. Apart from a couple of bug fixes, there are some new capabilities. You can now filter your catalogue on almost any EXIF/IPTC/Develop field.

Search & Replace 1.45

I’ve just released version 1.45 of my Search and Replace plug-in. This version is a significant upgrade. As well as including new Lr5 fields and features enabled in Lr5, I’ve really updated the layout and added some handy new capabilities to the existing features for searching for and replacing text in your metadata.

Changing the case of text

I’ve just uploaded version 1.41 of my Search and Replace plug-in.

It has a bit of tidying up, more language support, and also adds a button to change the case of text. Each time you click the button, it cycles on to a different case. So if you type some captions in capitals, it can convert them to lower case, capitalize only the first letters of each word or the first letter in the field.

Search and Replace 1.35

Search and Replace 1.35 has just been released with quite a few small improvements as well as a few bug fixes:

If only one item selected, you are now prompted to add all other visible items
New quick commands to copy the filename to the title – with and without file extensions – and to run parse and audit directly from the main dialog box
Parse and Audit now adds columns in the Library filter panel listing all the values in the “copy from” and “copy to” fields – handy when you’re checking what’s in those fields
The keyword counter now goes much higher
Improved error reporting through log file
Corrected some translation errors
Search Replace Transfer dialog box opens at last-used tab
Fixed Lightroom 2 startup bug

This version has also been tested on Lightroom 4 – no charge for upgrading.


Here you can see that I've got 10 photos with the current Copy To field – which more…

Complex file renaming in Lightroom made simple – thanks to the Search and Replace plug-in

Ever spend ages thinking up ways to convince someone a task is far from easy, and that they should just give up on the idea – and then the solution appears just as you were about to hit the Send button?

Well, the other night I had an interesting email from someone who has my Search and Replace plug-in for Lightroom:

… I need to remove text (“Scan_”) from the filename for images I scanned 4-5 years ago (and are now in my LR catalog). It appears [Search and Replace] does not work on filenames, only on metadata. Pre-LR catalog I used a utility to do bulk file name changes on folders of files, but that will be a problem with the LR catalog.

I could use the bulk filename changing tool, then delete the LR-cataloged-but-missing-image and then reimport the newly rename files. But it seems risky and I’d lose metadata for the more…

Search and Replace – and check spelling?

I’m beginning to add a spell checking feature to my Search and Replace plug-in. If you want to say what would be important for your needs, please add comments to this post and I’ll see if I can implement the features you request.

There are two ways I may go. One, which I have tested on Windows, is to automate Word’s spelling feature. That’s messier on Mac so for that platform I would probably automate the OS-level spellchecker. This two-track approach would allow me to exploit corrections that the user has already made in Word, Outlook, Mac Mail etc. But it does involve platform-specific coding and would be much more work. The other alternative is to use a cross-platform library and Aspell has been recommended. I’d never heard of it, and I’ve no idea how good it is, but it may permit a simpler implementation. So that’s the route I plan more…

Search Replace Transfer 1.30

Search Replace Transfer 1.30 fixes a bug, which 1.29 kindly introduced, but it also contains a new menu command – “Brute force” search which creates a regular or “dumb” collection and then adds images to it by performing a “brute force” search through the selected items or through the entire catalogue.

The intention is to fill in some gaps in Lightroom’s smart collection and searching capability. So it can search text fields like caption more precisely than Lightroom and it can also examine fields which Lightroom fails to search.

For example, let’s say you want to find all pictures in the catalogue which contain the exact phrase “red house” in the caption. Normally you might try a smart collection with a criterion such as “caption / contains all / red house” or “caption / contains words / red house”, but Lightroom more…

Search Replace Transfer plug-in – 1.22’s new feature

I’ve just released version 1.22 of my Lightroom plug-in Search Replace Transfer with two new menu commands:

Smart collection from current item
Smart collection from current item – again

These two menu commands are designed for quick filtering of the catalogue based on the image that is currently selected.

For example, imagine you want to find all the pictures in the catalogue with “Autumn leaves” in the title or “Ashness Gate” in the location. In the latter case, it may be that you’ve just visited the location again and want to copy keywords and other metadata from a previous visit. You could go to Library’s filter panel, choose the field, and type in the text, or alternatively you could set up a smart collection. These menu commands save you that typing.

The main command “Smart collection from current item” launches a dialog box listing the fields. You make your choice, click OK, more…

Search Replace Transfer – you can now buy it

I’m pleased to announce that Search Replace Transfer is now available for sale at Tim Armes’s site Photographer’s Toolbox.

Search Replace Transfer is a Lightroom 2 and 3 plug-in designed for bulk changes to text in Metadata Panel fields:

Searches and replaces text like a word processor
Appends text before or after existing text
Transfers text between fields
Transfers metadata from iView/Expression Media to 18 custom fields
Audits title, caption and keyword entry

I’m already working on extending the plug-in:

Include the IPTC Extension fields (LR3 users only)
Presets and menus for frequently-used settings (eg filename to title)

Why Photographer’s Toolbox rather than here? Well, Tim is already using Photographer’s Toolbox to distribute his popular plug-ins LRTransporter, LRMogrify and LREnfuse, so we’re working alongside each other to make the site the obvious place to look for high quality plug-ins. Secondly, it means I can take advantage of his tried and tested licensing and distribution mechanism. That helps me offer trial more…

Search & replace, append, transfer – a beefy update

I've just uploaded version of my Lightroom plug-in Search & replace, Append, Transfer which includes some big changes:

It should work in the LR3 beta (but remember, the beta is not meant for real work)
Instead of the long drop down lists for choosing fields, there are now dialog boxes
The new menu item “Library>Plug-in extras>Parse and audit” reviews your metadata entry
16 custom fields, plus fields for Event and People like in iView/Expression Media
An optional module converts certain iView/Expression Media metadata fields to LR
Documentation is both beefier and prettier

Parse and audit runs through your pictures, checking whether you've completed the title, caption, how many keywords each image has.

Custom metadata and Lightroom

Maybe later this week I’ll wheel out the new LR3-friendly version of my Search, Replace and Transfer plug-in. There’s still a bit of testing to do though because I’ve had to find ways to work around LR3’s database access change – when your plug-in’s dialog box provides immediate feedback, you’ve a bit of a problem when the database returns values out-of-sync with it. It rather invalidates the term “dialogue”. I’ve also taken the opportunity to streamline some of the code, improve the layout, and add some new features. One is shown by this screenshot – instead of lengthy drop-down lists, separate dialog boxes make target fields easy to select. But it also shows another change – 16 custom fields.

I’ve never hidden my disappointment that custom fields are not available to users through Lightroom’s interface, as they are with Aperture, iView, Portfolio…. And I don’t think keywords are the right place more…

Lightroom Plug-in #4 – search and replace

The term Release Candidate reminds me as much of Ronnie Biggs' impending release from jail, but here is a Release Candidate of BeardyReplace, my Lightroom 2.3 plug-in designed for changing text in Metadata Panel fields. It does three things:

1. Searches and replaces metadata text
2. Appends text to metadata fields
3. Transfers text between metadata fields

“Search and replace” hunts through the chosen field for a word or phrase, and replaces all its occurrences with alternative text. So for instance, you may have some images captioned with “Close-up of columns at Paestum” and others with “Frontal view of columns at the Capitol, Washington DC”. How do you insert the word “Doric”? You could select the first group, then add the word, and then do the same to the second group. Tedious? Well, this command lets you search for the word “columns” and replace it with “Doric columns”.

“Append” adds extra text to the chosen more…