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Caption builder added to Search and Replace plugin

Anyone want to try a new feature that’s coming in my Search and Replace plugin? The new feature is called “caption builder” and lets you build up captions from other fields.

Search Replace Transfer 1.47

I’ve just released version 1.47 of my Search Replace Transfer plugin. Apart from a couple of bug fixes, there are some new capabilities. You can now filter your catalogue on almost any EXIF/IPTC/Develop field.

slices Search & Replace 1.45

I’ve just released version 1.45 of my Search and Replace plug-in. This version is a significant upgrade. As well as including new Lr5 fields and features enabled in Lr5, I’ve really updated the layout and added some handy new capabilities . . .

Changing the case of text

I’ve just uploaded version 1.41 of my Search and Replace plug-in.

It has a bit of tidying up, more language support, and also adds a button to change the case of text. Each time you click the button, it cycles on . . .

Search and Replace 1.35

Search and Replace 1.35 has just been released with quite a few small improvements as well as a few bug fixes:

If only one item selected, you are now prompted to add all other visible items
New quick commands to copy the . . .

Complex file renaming in Lightroom made simple – thanks to the Search and Replace plug-in

Ever spend ages thinking up ways to convince someone a task is far from easy, and that they should just give up on the idea – and then the solution appears just as you were about to hit the Send . . .

Search and Replace – and check spelling?

I’m beginning to add a spell checking feature to my Search and Replace plug-in. If you want to say what would be important for your needs, please add comments to this post and I’ll see if I can implement the . . .

Search Replace Transfer 1.30

Search Replace Transfer 1.30 fixes a bug, which 1.29 kindly introduced, but it also contains a new menu command – “Brute force” search which creates a regular or “dumb” collection and then adds images to it by performing . . .

Search Replace Transfer plug-in – 1.22’s new feature

I’ve just released version 1.22 of my Lightroom plug-in Search Replace Transfer with two new menu commands:

Smart collection from current item
Smart collection from current item – again

These two menu commands are designed for quick filtering of the catalogue based . . .

Search Replace Transfer – you can now buy it

I’m pleased to announce that Search Replace Transfer is now available for sale at Tim Armes’s site Photographer’s Toolbox.

Search Replace Transfer is a Lightroom 2 and 3 plug-in designed for bulk changes to text in Metadata Panel fields:

Searches and replaces . . .

Search & replace, append, transfer – a beefy update

I've just uploaded version of my Lightroom plug-in Search & replace, Append, Transfer which includes some big changes:

It should work in the LR3 beta (but remember, the beta is not meant for real work)
Instead of the long drop down . . .

Custom metadata and Lightroom

Maybe later this week I’ll wheel out the new LR3-friendly version of my Search, Replace and Transfer plug-in. There’s still a bit of testing to do though because I’ve had to find ways to work around LR3’s database access change . . .

Lightroom Plug-in #4 – search and replace

The term Release Candidate reminds me as much of Ronnie Biggs' impending release from jail, but here is a Release Candidate of BeardyReplace, my Lightroom 2.3 plug-in designed for changing text in Metadata Panel fields. It does three things:

1. Searches . . .