X-LR reads the film simulation settings from Fuji raw files and automatically applies the corresponding Lightroom profile.

Film simulations make the pictures from Fuji cameras resemble photos taken on film stocks such as Velvia, Provia, or Fuji’s black and white films. But when you take the raw files into Lightroom, you briefly see this look in the Import dialog box and in the Library before the raw conversion process takes over and applies Adobe’s standard profile.

In Develop’s Camera Calibration panel you can apply one of the corresponding profiles, which Adobe developed with Fuji’s help. That’s fine if you remember which one you used. But what if you used more than one film simulation? How do you know which film simulation you used for which photo?

X-LR solves that problem.

What X-LR does

  • Reads the film simulation from the raw file
    • Applies the corresponding Camera Calibration Profile
    • Can also apply a Develop Preset
    • Records the film simulation as keywords
  • Applies star ratings from the raw file
  • Uses other Fuji settings to set Lightroom sliders or apply presets

See the feature requests and current work page for some planned features and refinements that are coming. You may prefer to use the next version of the plugin which is available from that page.

How to use X-LR

  • Select the file(s) in Library or Develop
  • From the File menu, File > Plugin Extras > Apply the Film Simulation profile to selected photos
  • Leave the Apply boxes checked
    • Uncheck only if you want to exclude that film simulation
    • Since one does not always know which profile will eventually be used, it makes sense to apply all of them
  • Add a preset if you want
  • Press OK

Auf Deutsch, Cooles Tool – kurz vorgestellt: X-LR Lightroom PluginΒ von Volker Kindermann.

Since one does not always know which profile will eventually be used, it makes sense to apply all of them. Here the plugin will look for every film simulation apart from Acros Red.


Unzip the download. You should now have a plugin called ‘jb_xLR.lrplugin’.

You then install the plugin via the Lightroom plugin manager.

  1. Move jb_xLR.lrplugin to a convenient folder of your own choosing.
  2. Open Lightroom’s plugin manager from the File menu.
  3. Click the “Add” button.
  4. Browse to the plugin and click “OK” on a Mac or “Add plugin” on a PC.


  • Raw files from all Fuji cameras including the GFX
  • DNGs including those generated from Iridient X-Transformer

System Requirements

The plugin is tested on Mac and PC, and for Lightroom 5 or later.

It will not run on Lightroom 4 or earlier.


If you want assistance, feel free to email me or to add a comment. I try to respond quickly.