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Lightroom 8.1

Lightroom 8.1 is out. Some people may like to reorder the panels in Develop’s right hand side, though I really can’t see the point. Also, you can ensure that photos added by Auto Import are added to a collection. But for me the best new detail is that photos can now snap to a grid […]

Lightroom 7.5

Lightroom 7.5 is out. The big changes are in the Book module with more newer Blurb book formats like trade and magazine, layflat paper, but for me the best thing is much-greater flexibility to move and resize photos around a page without the horrid “cell padding” tricks.

Uploading to Blurb – if it stalls….

Yesterday and again today I tried uploading a book to Blurb. Each time the progress bar never moved, and I was forced to cancel. So what was wrong? And – if you’re brave – what can you do?

Book notes

Over the last week Adobe has said a couple of interesting things about the books module.

Book to iPad via Blurb

For a while Blurb’s site has let you convert books created with their BookSmart software into eBooks for the iPad. That wasn’t possible with books uploaded from Lightroom’s Book module, which used the PDF to Blurb method. Well, this afternoon I had left Lightroom uploading a book of my re-enactment photos and  returned to it […]

Integrating with InDesign

If you want to create a book in InDesign using raw files adjusted in Lightroom, the way I recommend it to use a Publish service to create and maintain a folder of TIFs which you then use for the InDesign project: In Publish Services, click the + to add a new service. Select the Hard […]

The bleeding war book

So often it takes a fresh pair of eyes to notice something. As I wrote here, I'm designing my Blurb book in InDesign rather than following BookSmart's canned layouts, meaning the recommended workflow is InDesign > PDF > Photoshop > PNGs > BookSmart. While I could set up a Configurator app to automate saving multiple […]