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061013_0830_Lightroom5f2.png Lightroom 5 favourite no 3 – Managing hierarchical keyword lists

It’s now easier to manage hierarchical keyword lists with the Keywords Filter. Child keywords can now be displayed too.

radial Lightroom 5 favourite no 2: Radial Filter

The new Radial Filter adjustment may replace the Adjustment Brush for many of your local adjustments

visualize Lightroom 5 favourite no 1: the Visualize Spots mask

The Visualize Spots mask helps you do a better job cleaning up those dust spots, and do it faster too. What’s not to like? Apart from discovering that your camera’s sensor isn’t as clean as you hoped….

Unsorted keywords

Is it possible to stop Lightroom from re-sorting keywords alphabetically?

What are the delimiters for typing in hierarchical keywords?

How do you manually type in multiple keywords so they are added to an existing keyword hierarchy rather than being concatenated into a new and unwanted keyword?   Is it some sort of delimiter character?

Use either the pipe “|” or the greater than “>” symbol, depending on which way round you want to type:

 “|” would be in you want to enter . . .


A particularly well-rounded set of thoughts on keywording in Lightroom from Chuq Von Rospach here:

An important point  — when you design a structure like this, how well it’ll work for you depends on where your hassle factor hits. Are you more annoyed by looking through long lists of things? If so, design a hierarchy with more sub items and fewer . . .

Lightroom keyword synonyms

From a forum answer, here are a few bullet points about synonyms in Lightroom:

You can use them to save on data entry (eg using the common and Latin names of species)
You can see them by double clicking a keyword in the Keyword List
See them by switching the Keywording panel to “Will Export” (the Keyword tags drop down box)
When you export . . .

A rant about hierarchical keywords

It’s not specifically a Lightroom thing, and I say the same about Aperture and Expression Media 2. And I admit that I am a bit out on a limb here in holding these opinions….. But I find hierarchical keywords to be an utter pain, and simply not worth the effort.

It doesn’t matter how much I try, how disciplined my working . . .

Clean keywords

At Lightroom Journal, the LR developers blog, Eric Scouten advocates a superficially-attractive way of misusing the keywords to help manage workflow:

Before I start actually applying those keywords, however, I also create the extra keyword to track my keywording progress. I like to organize these under another keyword category I call “worklists”. (This is just an organizational tactic I like; adapt . . .