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Long term thinking

Roger Martin asks if Adobe’s switch to subscription-limited software is a bold, creative customer-friendly management decision, as The Economist suggests? Or could it be a desperation move in the form of a financial gadget that is aimed at covering up a lack of innovation?

Share your catalogues

Can you share Lightroom catalogues over Adobe’s Creative Cloud?

Clouding over?

If you’re attracted to Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription service and use Lightroom, after months of “coming soon” it’s available now. Also see Adobe’s Lightroom and Creative Cloud FAQ.

Am I subscribing? No, at the time of writing (June 2012) I’m still thinking about it – and also still thinking about upgrading my CS5.5. If anything Adobe have pitched the pricing at such a level that it has left me sitting on the fence and unable to decide either way.

A few factors push me away from the idea and towards upgrading. In descending order of priority they are:

I don’t like the idea of my files becoming uneditable if I ever stopped paying
In principle I feel subscription models reduce the vendor’s incentive to innovate, whatever they promise. When unsubscribing means the loss of the ability to edit my files, haven’t you got me by the goolies? Sure you’re not going to get lazy? And more…