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List View 1.84 Excel to Lightroom

Post updated 5 March 2016: I’ve just uploaded the next version of ListView. The zip file also includes an Excel add-in that can send data directly from Excel to Lightroom. At the moment this is writeback is limited to Windows users – Apple broke the mechanism I’ve been using – and it does require some Excel skill. But I just don’t think there is an easier way to get external metadata into Lightroom.

Is there an easier way to get text into Lightroom?

Coming soon to my ListView plug-in, automatic updating from Excel to Lightroom. Have you ever seen an easier way to get text data into Lightroom?

List View 1.66

I’ve just released version 1.66 of my ListView plug-in which displays images in a list style just like in most other DAM programs and lets you export metadata to Excel or other apps.

List View 1.59

I’ve just released ListView 1.59 with a series of significant changes and improvements

List View plugin updated

I’ve now released version 1.57 of my List View plug-in. The main changes are:

Thumbnails are now displayed in Lightroom 4
Export to CSV format – better for anyone who uses the Numbers spreadsheet or for data exchange with databases
Close to Sorted Collection button. One thing people like about the plug-in is sorting by almost any field, so this button saves the selected images into a new collection in their sort order – you just have to change the collection’s sort to User Order.
Exported data can now include thumbnails.

The button to export the thumbnails is separate from the buttons to export the HTML text. This is because text export is very quick, while exporting thumbnails takes time. So you might export the thumbnails once, but then do more than once export of text, for example with different columns.

List View – new Lightroom plug-in

It’s been bubbling away for a while, and some people saw it late last year, but in the next few days I’ll be releasing a new plug-in – List View.

It does exactly what the name suggests and provides a list view which some of us feel is sorely missed in Lightroom’s Library. After all, it’s a lot easier to review your metadata in a list than by scanning a grid of thumbnails.

The plug-in currently provides 3 different views. This is the standard view where each row has 2 lines per item for up to 30 pictures, while compact and expanded views show smaller or larger thumbnails. The thumbnails, incidentally, are drawn from the catalogue itself and therefore show each picture in its adjusted state.

Once List View is displayed, scrolling through thousands of items is blazing fast. Note all 10 columns can be changed in registered version – 8 disabled more…