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Mac v Windows

My estimate is that Lightroom use on Mac now outnumbers Windows by 2:1.

This is based on visitor statistics to this site which show 51% Mac, 25% Windows, and this 2:1 is very consistent with the trend which had been steadily climbing from 50% in 2012 to above 60% in mid 2013.

While these are only visitor statistics, I think they are probably representative of Lightroom users, After all, if you aren’t a Lightroom user, you’d be an idiot to visit this site!

OS support

How many Lightroom users still use Snow Leopard? And Vista?

Mac vs Win

Earlier this year there was a bit of fuss when it was announced that LR4 wouldn’t support Windows XP, so I took a look at how this site’s visitors were split by operating system. It looked like of the half who were using Windows, 12% were on XP. As you’d be crazy to visit this …read more

Dropping Windows XP

Lightroom 4 dropping support for Windows XP has generated a lot of sound and fury from those who are going to need to upgrade their operating system or computers if they want to run the new version. I don’t think any of us – not even Apple fans – like being forced to upgrade our …read more