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Mac v Windows

My estimate is that Lightroom use on Mac now outnumbers Windows by 2:1.

This is based on visitor statistics to this site which show 51% Mac, 25% Windows, and this 2:1 is very consistent with the trend which had been steadily climbing from 50% in 2012 to above 60% in mid 2013.

While these are only visitor statistics, I think they are probably representative of Lightroom users, After all, if you aren’t a Lightroom user, you’d be an idiot to visit this site!

OS support

How many Lightroom users still use Snow Leopard? And Vista?

Mac vs Win

Earlier this year there was a bit of fuss when it was announced that LR4 wouldn’t support Windows XP, so I took a look at how this site’s visitors were split by operating system. It looked like of the half who were using Windows, 12% were on XP.

As you’d be crazy to visit this site for anything other than Lightroom, it seems a pretty good approximation for the kind of business data Adobe wouldn’t generally release – the split of users between the two platforms.

6 months on, I thought I’d take another look at how things are now, rather expecting the XP user base to have eroded and drifted equally onto Mac or to Windows 7. And the answer? Almost no change, which was quite a surprise in itself. It’s still close to a 50:50 split.

Dropping Windows XP

Lightroom 4 dropping support for Windows XP has generated a lot of sound and fury from those who are going to need to upgrade their operating system or computers if they want to run the new version.

I don’t think any of us – not even Apple fans – like being forced to upgrade our computer systems any sooner than we want, but this doesn’t strike me as an evil decision by Adobe.

For Adobe it is a simple business decision and of course they look at what LR users are running. XP has been around for how long? And I dare say that it’s only because of Vista’s woes that so many photographers are still holding on to it. Features such as burning DVDs and other optical drives are built into more modern operating systems, and improvements to video handling also reflect developments which XP was never envisaged to handle. The more…