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Import Aperture and iPhoto libraries

Adobe have just announced the release of their Lightroom plugin to import Aperture and iPhoto libraries:

As promised in a blog post here, we are proud to introduce the Aperture and iPhoto import plugin for Lightroom 5.  The plugin allows Aperture . . .

List View 1.73 imports from Excel

I’ve just uploaded the next version of ListView. If you want to try it, I’d welcome any feedback. The zip file also includes an Excel add-in that can send data directly from Excel to Lightroom.

The lifeboats are coming

Adobe have finally confirmed they are working on a tool to help migrate photo collections from Aperture and iPhoto.

Aperture-like projects and Lightroom

You can have an Aperture-like project structure providing you don’t make the mistake of thinking Lightroom folders are Aperture projects.

Folders = (approx) Reorganise Masters
Collection Sets + Collections = Projects, Albums, Books, Slideshows etc


Visitor statistics in the wake of Aperture’s demise

Goodbye Mr Damocles?

Lightroom 5.5 brings a hugely-surprising change to how Lightroom behaves once you stop subscribing or after a trial ends.

To appreciate the importance of the change, just imagine a couple of scenarios:

You might try Lightroom for 30 days, import and work . . .

Aperture to Lightroom

Even before yesterday’s announcement about the end of Aperture, consistently the most-visited page on this site was Moving from Aperture to Lightroom.

Syncomatic matches by capture time

I’ve just updated my Syncomatic plug-in to version 2.0. This plugin synchronises Library metadata and Develop adjustments between pairs of files whose names match or from the top item of a stack to the other stacked items.

What’s new is that . . .

One big folder?

Scott Kelby says put all images in one folder first. I want to stay with two folders is LR still appropriate?

Ignore Scott’s advice. In general, organising photos isn’t one of his strong points.

So, forget the idea . . .

Brush your mask

I wouldn’t normally link to Camera Raw 8.5 RC and DNG Converter 8.5 RC Now Available but notice this little addition to the graduated and radial filters:

Modify Graduated and Radial Filter masks with a brush:

After adding or selecting a Graduated . . .

Looking better?

Hopefully the site’s new look has settled down now. Do say if there’s anything wrong.

I’ve also just removed the “Elsewhere” section which showed recent posts on other good Lightroom sites. I’ll restore it if people say it was useful, but . . .

Long term thinking

Maybe the most common response to yesterday’s announcement of Lightroom Mobile has been annoyance at it being tied to a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. I won’t defend that other than by saying that it was pretty inevitable given Adobe’s . . .

Lightroom for the pub?

Late September Adobe’s Tom Hogarty demonstrated a Lightroom app on the iPad, and a couple of months ago what looked like a draft announcement made a brief appearance on Adobe’s web site. It was promptly removed, but not before people . . .

Is there an easier way to get text into Lightroom?
Updated video

Coming soon to my ListView plug-in, automatic updating from Excel to Lightroom. Have you ever seen an easier way to get text data into Lightroom?

For the technically-minded, it’s an Excel macro which reads the spreadsheet and communicates directly with . . .

Does it look OK?

I’m going to post something rather interesting later – a video showing Excel writing directly to Lightroom without any text files – but the other week I read an article on the BBC web site’s responsive redesign and so before . . .

Making a photograph

Chuq Von Rospach’s post Photography Before and After — Sunrise at Merced National Wildlife Refuge. As Ansel Adams said “you don’t take a photograph, you make it”.

Running a droplet

Is it possible to make a droplet in PS so I can export from LR to the droplet and send the results back to LR?

Yes, and you can approach it a couple of ways. I’ll assume you know how to . . .

More numbers

Adobe announced its FY2013 Q4 results yesterday and I suppose that the headline is that they have met their target of 1.25 subscribers by the year end. And who is surprised?

Caption builder added to Search and Replace plugin

Anyone want to try a new feature that’s coming in my Search and Replace plugin? The new feature is called “caption builder” and lets you build up captions from other fields.

Oh no you don’t – DNG and panto season

It’s amazing how often some Lightroom users still assert that a disadvantage of the DNG file format is that any time the metadata changes in the DNG file, you have to backup the whole DNG file again (and again). This . . .