I’ve just released version 2.2 of my Search and Replace plugin.

As well as a couple of bug fixes for problems reported by people using old versions of Lightroom (as old as 5.7 for example) the main changes are in the Workflow Filters area where I’ve added more fields which can be displayed in Library Filter or smart collections.

The new Workflow Filters fields:

  • Exposure Bias
  • Crop ratio
  • Count of AI masks
  • Count of AI spots heals

For a long time there have also been 5 user-definable fields which Workflow Filters can populate. These now show the name of the field which you have defined.

Two new commands can be run independently or as part of the Refresh Workflow Filters command:

  • Rename masks from “Mask 1, 2…” to reflect what they contain, so “Lin Lin -Rad” is a mask which contains two linear gradients and one radial which is set to Subtract. It’s disabled by default, but I find it makes the Masks panel a bit easier to read.
  • Delete JPEG sidecars for selected raw files to tidy up folders. For a long time I’ve used a separate script to do this, but I thought it made sense to include it as another task in Workflow Filters. Because it’s deleting files, it’s defined quite conservatively.

For those who use Caption Builder, there is a big change which came from user requests – you can now use it write to title, headline, instructions and to the plugin’s 16 custom fields. It’ll still be called Caption Builder but it was an easy change to make.

I should add that while the plugin will continue to support older versions of Lightroom, newer features are disabled – usually hidden. So there’s not much point updating the plugin if you are using an older version of Lightroom.