Build 37 Jan 7, 2021

I said April, and it’s the 30th, so here is Search & Replace 1.7 with extra features and general tidying up to make it more intuitive to use.

This will be called 2.0, but first please just use it as you would normally do, and let me know of any problems. I am not expecting anything but I have made a lot of changes, so if the problem is serious I’ll fix and update the plugin as quickly as possible. After all, I am at my desk….

Try enabling the highlight new features button, or take a look through this list of changes:

  • Reset buttons added to plugin panel in Plugin Manager
  • IPTC locations to keywords updated with do-no-export at each level
  • Added This Photo button to search/append/transfer only for selected photo
  • Auto-completion of text in Search tab
  • Changed layout of Append tab
  • Added box for a space between text and sequential number on Append tab
  • Stopped workflow filters from creating Unknown state and city levels
  • Transfer to keywords rebuilt – more fields, top level group keyword
  • New ways to change case of field and added previewing
  • Replaced case change button with checkboxes
  • New checkbox to highlight new and reworked features
  • New checkbox shows summary of Before
  • Button to swap over search and replace fields
  • Moved iView tab into its own file and wrapped it in a function
  • When only one photo is selected, the annoying message has be replaced by buttons to select all.
  • Smart collection panel added
  • Trial mode warnings made more obvious
  • Information about separator character improved
  • Added ability to select the plugin’s custom fields as target fields
  • Added ability to select any plugin’s custom fields as source fields
  • Fixed bug affecting Favourites on Transfer tab
  • Added Switch button on Transfer tab which switches the source and target fields
  • Added change log in Plugin Manager
  • Added more logging, listing system and preferences
  • Tidied up the Workflow Filters tab and added some buttons from the floating dialog
  • Disabled main buttons on SR and A tabs when keywords selected as target field – misleading as plugin doesn’t change these fields


The new On this Date feature

Give this a good workout! Here you can see a great example of what I want it to do, so reading from the top:

  • Create a smart collection based on the capture date (edit date is the alternative)
  • Target the 27th April, or “In range” let’s you specify a range of dates, while “Days” produces one smart collection for each day in the range
  • Do every year from 2005-2020 – this is in the After panel
  • Include criteria from a previous smart collection called “One star”  – shown in the Before panel
  • Save it in the Best collection set and call it April 27 – the little “!” button calculates this if you don’t want to type