How do you copy adjustments from one image to others?

There are three main methods:

  1. Select the image you’ve just corrected.
    1. PC: Ctrl Shift C / Mac: Cmd Shift C copies the settings
    2. Tick Check None
    3. Tick only the adjustments you want.
    4. Select other picture(s) and PC: Ctrl Shift V / Mac: Cmd Shift V.
  2. In Library, grid (G). select the image you’ve just corrected and want to use to copy to the others. Add others to the selection (Shift click and/or Ctrl click) and notice how the first image’s frame is a lighter grey – it is the “most selected”. Now click the Sync Settings button (bottom right), select only those adjustments you want to copy, click Sync.
  3. Auto Sync in Develop. Select 2 or more pictures. In Develop, click the Sync button’s switch so it shows Auto Sync. In this mode all adjustments you make will apply to all the images that are currently selected. Read that last sentence again. AutoSync’s both good and bad – good because it’s the fastest way to work, bad because you have to keep your head screwed on….