Since I know at least 4 (!) people found my “not more numbers” post interesting, I’ve just added a link on this site’s home page to Adobe’s stock price.

I’ve heard plenty of crazies pointing with some glee to a 10% drop since the May’s announcement that Adobe were only offering Photoshop and Creative Suite customers the choice of subscribing. I’m not sure those people have been so vocal about the price’s stabilisation and  then its partial recovery last week after the subscription-limited suite was actually released.

You just can’t pay too much attention to short term movements, or consider Adobe in isolation from the market, consider one factor on its own, or just over-simplify the headline movement.  Adobe have smart people and they’ll have anticipated some stock price turbulence resulting from the business risk they have suddenly introduced. Maybe it’s a success that you’ve not fallen off a cliff after such a leap in the dark?

share-priceSo here you see the year-to-date stock price movements (from Yahoo – I’ll see if I can make it live) with a rolling average which evens out the short term bumps and grinds.

The general trend of the last year or so has been consistently upwards, and it has only levelled off after Adobe’s “Great Leap Forward”.

Only time will tell if this is short term volatility owing to (temporarily-greater?) risk.