It’s been bubbling away for a while, and some people saw it late last year, but in the next few days I’ll be releasing a new plug-in – List View.

It does exactly what the name suggests and provides a list view which some of us feel is sorely missed in Lightroom’s Library. After all, it’s a lot easier to review your metadata in a list than by scanning a grid of thumbnails.

The plug-in currently provides 3 different views. This is the standard view where each row has 2 lines per item for up to 30 pictures, while compact and expanded views show smaller or larger thumbnails. The thumbnails, incidentally, are drawn from the catalogue itself and therefore show each picture in its adjusted state.

Once List View is displayed, scrolling through thousands of items is blazing fast. Note all 10 columns can be changed in registered version - 8 disabled in trial.

Other things you can do with List View:

  • Change the information in any column
  • Save columns as presets
  • Sort by any column
  • Export metadata to a browser
  • Export metadata directly to Excel
  • Edit metadata in a File Info panel

As with my other main plug-ins, it’ll be available from Photographer’s Toolbox. Pricing will initially be £8/$12 which may rise as I add other features. What better way to celebrate the Windsor family wedding?