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The user was specifically asking “I am trying to create a web gallery using the Grid Gallery but its Multiple page option only allows 5 or 10 or … items per page. Can I use 12 items per page for this specific gallery?”

How can I customise a built-in web gallery?

If you know your way around your computer’s user folders, and if you can hack a Lua file in a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit, you can certainly change the choices you see in Lightroom (for example see right). You can also change the HTML/CSS if you have those skills. It’s techy, which might deter some people, but it’s not too difficult….

The gallery templates are in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom\Shared\webengines\ (Windows) or an equivalent place on Mac – inside the app’s package. Copy the LR-Gallery-Standard.lrwebengine folder and temporarily put it on your desktop. Rename it LR-Gallery-Mine.lrwebengine.

You’ll need to edit galleryInfo.lrweb. Look for the lines:

title = LOC “$$$/AgWPG/Templates/HTML/Standard/Title=Grid Gallery”,
id = “com.adobe.wpg.templates.html5.standard”,

These need to be unique, so change them to:

title = LOC “$$$/AgWPG/Templates/HTML/Standard/Title=Grid Gallery – Mine“,
id = “com.adobe.wpg.templates.html5.mine“,

The drop down box is defined at line 274. If you’ve got this far, you’ll understand how to add extra choices. It’s just cut and paste, but take care with the syntax. That should be all the editing.

Now you need to move the folder into a subfolder called “Web Galleries” which is in the Lightroom preferences & presets folders. Get to this via Preferences > Presets or use direct links:

  • PC: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Web Galleries
  • Mac: USER\Library\Application Support\Adobe\Lightroom\Web Galleries

So Web Galleries is a subfolder at the same level as Metadata Presets, Print Templates etc (if Web Galleries doesn’t exist, create it at that level), and put LR-Gallery-Mine.lrwebengine inside it. Restart Lightroom and “Grid Gallery – Mine” should be listed. That’s it!


Further reading

Sean McCormack’s article Anatomy of a Lightroom HTML Gallery is work reading. And for more technical information, see the Lightroom SDK.