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Ain’t no sunshine

Listening to Lightroom podcast #8, as a PC user I'm frustrated at not still being able to test it for myself. But frankly Mac users who've got their hands on the program do so as photographers first, no matter how much they often bore you with their computer brand. So let them clap with joy …read more

Things ain’t what they used to be

A bit of an opinion piece today. Lots of Windows-based photographers are complaining that the Lightroom beta is still Mac-only. I've read some describe it as an insult, others claim they urgently need it for cataloguing (trust your DAM to a beta?) and they seem unable to understand the commercial reasons behind it. It's not …read more

Blowin’ in the wind

Ben Long looks at the forthcoming Nikon Capture NX. This comment from the writer, a Canon user, caught my eye: If you're like me, you probably thought that NEF was merely Nikon's format for its Raw files, but the spec is actually much more versatile than that. NEF files can include Raw data or regular …read more


Lightzone from Lightcrafts has been around for a year or so and is another of the new breed of raw image file processors like Adobe's Lightroom beta and Apple's Mac-only Aperture. I looked at it a while ago and it was only available on the Mac, but now it's available for the PC too as …read more

Dr Brown’s new clothes?

For a month or two now, during which time we've seen the demise of Agfa's film arm and Nikon's virtual cessation of film camera production, there have also been question marks over Photoshop's dominance of digital photography. Two new programs, Apple's Aperture and now Adobe's Lightroom, have been generating a lot of digital photographic heat. …read more

Raw wars

Luminous Landscape reports on the beta of Adobe's Lightroom. Apparently it's been in the works for 18 months and looks like it has both photo managment and raw processing features, so it's not just Adobe's Aperture-killer, it's also going to threaten the rest of the digital asset management tools. The beta's only available on the …read more