Added a group of photos to the History section. They are from a day I spent with American Civil War re-enactors back in October 2004. Some were already on the site, but I've given them all a new treatment using Lightroom. Apart from making them b&w and adding a purplish selenium tone, I also darkened the corners by using Lightroom's vignetting control to increase rather than correct vignetting. This could of course have been done in Photoshop but not so quickly to nearly 200 images at a time. In Lightroom, I fine tuned one picture, saved the treatment as a Develop Preset, applied it to the rest, output them all to a private web site, then used Undo to restore the pictures' appearance to normal.

You can save my Brady effect preset in C:Documents and Settingsyour_usernameApplication DataAdobeLightroomDevelop Presets on Windows and in /Library/Adobe Lightroom/Develop Presets on the Mac. And people are already sharing Develop presets. But don't forget Lightroom's only a beta and Adobe are free to finalize the product without making such presets compatible with the finally-released program.

Working on multiple images will soon be the norm. Where that will leave single image editors, above all Photoshop, is something only time will reveal.