While the existing SlideShowPro for Lightroom generates individual web galleries, when your site consists of multiple galleries you have to do some manual editing of xml files which (a) not everyone can do (b) is still manual work for those who can do it. It's much more efficient to power a site with an online database.

That's where SlideShowPro Director comes in - it's a database which supplies the data to SlideShowPro. Previously Director let you import Lightroom's SlideShowPro web galleries, which worked but was still a bit of an effort, but now SlideShowPro has released a Lightroom export plug-in for SlideShowPro Director. This is an export plugin that allows you to upload pictures directly from your Lightroom library to an existing or new album inside SlideShowPro Director. It works with both the self-install version of Director 1.2, as well as their hosted subscription accounts (more here).

Just like President Ahmedinejad unwrapping a shiny new delivery of centrifuges, I can't wait to try it on my still-hidden Flash-based site.