When I set up my Mac laptop, I remember they tried to get me to set up a .Mac account, what’s now called MobileMe. My first reaction – you’ve just taken my money and you’re trying to tie me up even more – certainly wasn’t meant as positively as Max Mosley might have uttered it, and my disinclination to lock myself into one company’s products and services has not grown any stronger with time – despite the laptop having been a good buy. So when an Aperture preference asks me to set up a MobileMe account, I’m immediately looking for the Cancel button. Not remotely interested.

Which is a long way of saying – I’ve not tried “Export to MobileMe Gallery” myself. But one Lightroom user I mentioned it to did try it and told me it was great, so it might interest you if you use Lightroom and are one of the millions (?) who do have MobileMe accounts. It’s by Vladimir Vinogradsky, one of the quieter or semi-detached members of the Lightroom plug-in developing community, and it apparently allows you to send images from Lightroom directly to MobileMe from your Mac – or Windows PC.