screenshot-21-08-2016-09.59.38Two small but important bug fixes are in Lightroom 6.6.1 which has just been released.

One deals with a memory bug that could reduce Lightroom to a crawl on more powerful computers. Version 6.6 introduced a mechanism in Develop to cache files in advance, which meant that loading photos could be dramatically faster. This is really wonderful when I load Nikon D800 raw files on my MacAir with its puny 4Gb of RAM, but unfortunately there was a memory leak affecting those computers with much more memory. So on my main computer, a PC with 48Gb of RAM, staying in Develop for a long time could lead to memory usage rising and rising, and performance dropping so much that restarting Lightroom was necessary. That problem seems fixed.

The other is a printing problem that only affected Macs and meant blues and to a lesser extent greens were not accurately printed by Lightroom 6.6 or Photoshop 2015.5. Adobe had been an early adopter of some new Apple APIs, and it’s hard to know who really bears the responsibility – or rather, the blame. Some people always point the finger at Adobe, of course, and their QA should certainly have detected a problem, but it’s not as if Apple ever admit to their faults! As I don’t print from my Mac laptop I’ve not tested the fix for myself, but I hear from usually-reliable sources that it works correctly.

Other interesting stuff:

  • Support for the Fuji XT2 – already!
  • A new AppleTV app to show Lightroom Mobile photos. I can see the point of this, though I can’t see existing AppleTV owners upgrading to 4th Gen. After all, you’re already able to mirror from a laptop, iPad or iPhone to older AppleTVs. At least that’s what I like doing.