Another Lightroom post at Adobe Labs:

For all this moping and griping and citing usership surveys as if they were a substitute for any real knowledge, all of this harping boils down to one core statement. I don't own a Mac and I want to try Lightroom but can't have it; and Adobe should rush a Windows beta release just to satisfy ME.

Just in case you haven't got it yet, the poster continues:

If there was a means of filtering out the posts which meet the followng criteria:

-Those who mistake their desire for an XP beta for the mistaken believe that they have some sort of God-given right to it
-Those who feign some sort of expertise by attempting to imply they have some sort of better understanding of how to prioritize a title's development
-Those who flail about pretending to be some sort of victim for reasons which Adobe is keeping clandestine, yet are transparent to them as all-seeing oracles of software development, marketing, and merchandising
-Those who just can't stand the fact that anyone else is receiving a greater amount of attention at the moment
-Those who believe that by making any claim with greater authority somehow increases its accuracy
-Those at whom Adobe probably shakes its collective head before resting it in their hands and thinking to themselves, “Can't we just price Lightroom so highly that it would be out of reach of those who we're going to hate ourselves for having to support?”
-Those who can't wait for Lightroom but can't figure out the most basic features of Picasa

I have to believe bandwidth on this forum would drop, in a moment, by some 90%

Isn't satire wonderful?