That’s exactly what you see here! It’s actually a Google maps gallery with images displayed as thumbnails on the map. They’re clickable and reveal larger images with captions, and you can also switch to StreetView inside Lightroom’s Web or in the browser .

This is just a working proof of concept, but by the end of the day….

On reflection, when Aperture 3 came out I wrote that essentially its most prominent features were the result of bolting-on a couple of cheap wins – one being Google Maps. This drew predictable criticism from McCreate, a Pravda-style site for Mac-limited apps, but unfortunately I had based my assessment of the scale of the work on my having worked with Google Maps and I had taken an educated assessment of how little work the feature needed. If a limited implementation of Google Maps can be done by someone like me – not a trained programmer – what can a team achieve? And it also makes one very sad the feature isn’t already in Lightroom, doesn’t it?