Last week's DPI show was fun. Only doing one platform session a day, it was a lot less arduous than the three daily sessions I did at Focus, and it meant I spent my time doing Q&A on Lightroom and Photoshop. Working one to one, or with small groups, you're able to establish their needs and explain in real detail, and you feel they go away knowing exactly what they're going to do next. In many cases, that was to buy Lightroom or to use my favourite features - Auto Sync above all.

Anyway, I didn't get much time to go round the other stands, but I did have a closer look at Blurb's books than I'd managed at Focus. I've still not got round to finishing the Civil War book, other things getting in the way, but I was again very impressed with the quality and have got to get mine done. But most of all, I learnt something that really delighted me - this week Blurb are going to….. Oops, I'd better point you to Blurb's blog: