Part 2 of the interview with Lightroom's chief designer Mark Hamburg is at This one's mainly about the program's extensibility, and you'd expect me to find it particularly interesting:

Developers will have to write their extensions in Lua. At one point?and it probably complicates the app a little?there was probably some notion that we?d provide ways to let people write things in purely native code as well. But I think at this point you will have to write at least part of your logic in Lua for knitting into the rest of the system.

When people ask ?What do I do for Lightroom development?? I tell them ?Go out and learn Lua. Hack World of Warcraft until we?ve released an SDK.?

Any APIs we publish we?d like to commit to supporting long term. In getting a 1.0 out as we?re sorting through some of the feature set there?s a fair amount of churn on the APIs that we have. Putting out an SDK means we need to start freezing those a lot more, so that?s essentially the delaying factor. After version 1 we get to go through and sort through and say ?Yes we can commit to this. We can publish it and put it in the SDK.?

Yeah, I've already begun looking at Lua. But like the doddery old judge who asked who Springsteen was, what is “World of Warcraft”?

It's interesting that he doesn't mention scripting. Automation doesn't just mean developers. Real people will want to connect LR with other systems, for instance passing Edit Count data into a costing and billing system or sending data to a Word invoice template. So let's hope Adobe don't repeat Bridge's JS-only disaster - the big world outside Creative Suite needs LR to be scriptable in platform specific languages: VB and AS.