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Punch the sky

Regular readers of my Lightroom rantings will no doubt be aware that I’m not a big enthusiast for Develop presets, and I use them so rarely that I probably wouldn’t miss them if they weren’t there (along with Quick Develop, the Tone Curve, Snapshots, and the Filter Panel).

But to be fair, presets are an efficient way to apply a consistent treatment, and I do have a few that I use now and again. My ire is really better directed at the unending stream of presets being offered up as though they’re the dog’s bollocks, and at the enthusiasm of those who keep gobbling them up by the dozen. So why am I posting this 4 punch graduated filter preset?

Well, I’ve not had a Pauline moment (or as a vegetarian been eating those canine orbs) but wanted to illustrate a point about applying Lightroom’s graduated filters to weak-looking skies. As in more…