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Trojan horses

Not long ago I almost linked to Micah Walter's Inside Aperture article Seeing RED. He's now doing more video and is having problems managing the new file types: What would save my day would be Aperture. If only Aperture supported AVCHD (and many of the other tapeless formats) I could import my AVCHD card just …read more

CS4 File Info panels

One annoyance of Photoshop/Bridge CS4 is that it won't read any existing custom File Info panels. These let File Info display XMP metadata from other applications such as iView or Expression Media, and they were written in a text file format which was reasonably easy to create and edit. In CS4 though, the panels are …read more

Percentage shares

Tom Hogarty updates the what pros use for raw file conversion comparison. Both Lightroom and Aperture increase their share, Lightroom leaping 50% on 2007 and Aperture a respectable 36%. Among Mac users only, Aperture’s share is static though, indicating the overall increase is due to people shifting to the Mac. Of course, using one of …read more

Metadata from Lightroom to InDesign

I recently saw a wedding book some friends had created using Photobox. They wouldn’t claim to be computer-savvy, but they’d done a great job and were able to give copies to close family. It should be just that easy, shouldn’t it, and I am more than a little frustrated that Lightroom still doesn’t have a …read more

A couple of Lightroom pointers

Lightroom 2 lets you send a panorama's component frames directly to Photoshop, but they're sent full size. Unless you really want a massive full size stitch, that slows down Photoshop's panorama processing. Instead, Martin Evening has done a video showing a method which gets round this. Initially Lightroom sends the files to Photoshop as layers …read more

Mileage varies

Ben Long reviews Silver Efex Pro and correctly points out one of its best features The Black and White adjustment in Photoshop is very good because it allows you to make changes to specific color values in your image. The problem is that if you tell it to darken the blue tones in an image, …read more

Lightroom web galleries from the ground up

One reason why I still use iView rather than switching completely to Lightroom is because I prefer its HTML web gallery templates. iView takes about a third of Lightroom's time to output a big contact sheet style web gallery of say 100-300 pictures because it uses my DNG files' embedded previews, while Lightroom seems to …read more

Plug-ins (Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy)

It's easy to see real positives in Aperture's announcement of plug-in architecture. Taking advantage of existing third party tools can quickly flesh out its features, while positioning it at the centre of a viable “ecosystem”. Meanwhile third party developers can be working on fully-integrated solutions. On the other hand, it's a long way short of …read more

My not quite famous enough 5 – #2

Another change I particularly like in Lightroom 2 is being able to add multiple external editors (via Preferences). OK, not everyone likes to have multiple versions of Photoshop installed, but it's incredibly handy to have other external editors just a click away - here for example you see that Noiseware's standalone application, my preferred noise …read more

AutoSync, Gradient Presets, and wet haddock

Yes, I do throw up my hands in despair every time I read some Lightroom user saying he has hundreds of Develop Presets. It’s the same personality type who will trumpet the hundreds of Velvia-effect Photoshop actions he’s collected, who’ll leap for his wallet every time another newly-released plug-in promises black and white conversion just …read more

Aperture versus Lightroom

Ian Wood ( here too) has written an interesting and lengthy Aperture versus Lightroom 2 beta comparison. He admits “Obviously I'm pretty biased towards Aperture (contributing to an Aperture blog, writing Aperture-related software, top-rated poster on the Apple discussion forum, posting on pretty well every Aperture-related forum on the net etc.), but I like to …read more


It's not a secret that I find Lightroom the best application for reviewing, adjusting and applying initial metadata - I'd pretty well finished processing last weekend's 2,100+ raw files by Wednesday morning. Equally obviously, it's not the only program that aspires to manage and process large numbers of pictures. I'm immediately referring to the Mac-limited …read more

What’s going on?

Mary Jo Foley speculates about Lightroom designer Mark Hamburg's departure to Microsoft: What?s Microsoft want with Adobe Photoshop guru Mark Hamburg, who recently joined the Redmond juggernaut? Hamburg a programmer who has been part of the Adobe Photoshop team since version 2.0 and helped lead the Photoshop Lightroom one, is now a Softie, as …read more

Aperture to Lightroom (update)

Last year I posted a note on how to move master pictures from Aperture to Lightroom and transfer any metadata that you had entered. Essentially you used the Export Masters command and told Aperture to put the metadata in XMP sidecars. This worked fine for raw files, but not for originals whose file formats were …read more


Take a look at Jeff Schewe's teasing post in a thread about Aperture 2.1 and its dodge and burn utility: what are you gonna be doing next Wed, April 2nd? (I actually already know what you'll be doing but I can't really tell ya) Rendering out the raw file to run a Photoshop type plug-in …read more

Search trends

I never claim to be an early adopter, and only recently discovered the value of Google Alerts. Now Matthew Campagna shows me the use of Google Trends by charting searches for Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture: One thing to consider, however, is that Aperture remains exclusive [JB: in the sense of “limited”] to Apple computers, …read more

A month of lakes

Got back from the Lake District last night. I was staying in the village of Rosthwaite where my brother and his wife have bought a holiday house and it’s great to report that this little country still has places with no internet, no mobile phone coverage, and almost no radio reception. So nothing else to …read more

Lightroom v Aperture

John Nack reports a comparison of Lightroom and Aperture pro market shares: InfoTrends recently surveyed 1,026 professional photographers in North America to determine which software they used for raw file processing. Here's what folks reported: 66.5% using the Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in 23.6% using Lightroom 5.5% using Aperture To be fair to Aperture, it might …read more

A Lightroom upres preset (updated)

The original post caused a bit of confusion because I didn't mention it affected dimensions like 8.5″which are not whole numbers. I've italicised my extra text. In London it's the rule that you wait ages for your bus, and just as the rain stops they come along in pairs, or threes, one after the other. …read more

Lightroom and multiple frame techniques

One of the best things about Photoshop CS3 is the improvements in stitching, and Lightroom's product manager Tom Hogarty is one of those who is shooting more panoramas. Asked in this interview what he'd most like to see in 2.0, he says: That's a good question. Let me think about that for a minute. For …read more