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Dropbox for web galleries

Here’s an idea that I came across yesterday. What made it more interesting was that I very confidently expected it wouldn’t work!

You need to copy the public link for the index.html file

If you use Dropbox, you may know about its Public folder. You put files in it and can right them and choose “Copy public link” from the context menu. You can paste the link into an email or instant message and the file can be shared with friends or colleagues who may not themselves have Dropbox installed. It’s quick and easy for everyone. Almost idiot-proof.

Well, yesterday I was bouncing ideas around for someone who needs an alternative to iDisk (as I understand it, Apple are withdrawing it, whatever it is!).

A couple of us had suggested Dropbox for sharing big files and attention then turned to a really, really simple way of sharing web galleries.

You can in fact share more…

Dropbox for catalogues, presets and preferences

One promising approach is to use Mac aliases or Windows symbolic links (a bit like shortcuts). So for example, you would keep the catalogue itself in a Dropbox folder, but use aliases or symbolic links to store the catalogue’s previews separately in a folder that doesn’t get synchronised. When you move to the other computer, your catalogue will be available as soon as Dropbox’s sync operation has completed, just having to rebuild its previews which are stored locally. As always, the originals could be on a network address.