With kind permission, a letter of thanks:

Dear Mr Beardsworth

I write to advice that I shall be lodging a formal complaint with Adobe about Lightroom [gurus] in general and you in particular.  You are all a load of shysters.  With mal-intent you insert stealth bombs into Lightroom that no user could possibly detect, simply in order to gain cheap self-gratification by smugly pointing out what, with hindsight, are very obvious and simple resolutions to users’ issues.  Your only possible motivation in doing this can be to demonstrate what dorks Lightroom users are and how you lot are all clever-dicks!

Seriously, I got your message at lunchtime but all my hard drives were located at home.  I was pretty sure that your resolution would be a case of hope over reality and once I arrived home had a 30 minute window to eat before going to Kingston Camera Club (yes I did get a “10” since you ask!)  I forsook dinner to try your theory and b****r me it worked!!  I typed P: as you suggested and suddenly My Computer and all my external hard drives magically appeared!

You lot really are b*******s in humiliating me in this way but I very begrudgingly thank you very much for resolving an issue that had been bugging me for some considerable time!  It was good of you to keep persevering rather than just close the matter.  Thanks again.



See Duncan’s work at www.duncangrove.com or blog www.duncangroveblog.com.

Update: It appears that Duncan has recently been awarded a Fellowship of The Royal Photographic Society, the most august and longest established organisation of its kind in the world.  Fellowship (FRPS) is awarded for exceptional standards of excellence. It is the Society’s highest Distinction and recognises original work and outstanding ability in a specialised field. His Fellowship Panel of twenty Wimbledon tennis images can be seen at www.duncangrove.com/frps-panel.