Now Lightroom is released, there are lots of threads comparing it with its Mac-limited competitor Aperture. See Adobe's forum and this Apple thread where one wanker (you would have had to read the thread but Apple have now deleted it) shouts that Aperture is the one because

…most of all, it's not just the features. It's also the future. Apple are a much more innovative company. Much more! As a company, they've innovated more in the last six months than Adobe have in the last twelve years. If you take a look at Apple's other pro applications, such as Final Cut Pro, they're awesome. Adobe has nothing to touch them. And then realise that Aperture belongs to the same pro family of products.

A frail line of association indeed - makes about as much sense as 9-11 conspiracy theories, the Da Vinci Code, or anyone who thinks Chelsea would have won two titles without looted Russian oil money. It's also shortsighted - apparently Apple will shortly trump Adobe. But won't Adobe have anticipated that, and trump Apple, and won't Apple anticipate that Adobe will anticipate their anticipation, and…? Rumsfordian logic?