James Duncan Davidson discusses the extension of the Photoshop brand into an online service and then turns on its addition to “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom”:

The only people who will be impressed by the Photoshop brand being applied to Lightroom or an online-based photo tool are the very people who don't know what any of it means anyway. And when those users get more sophisticated, they'll learn that it's a layer of indirection that seems pretty silly. It's like Johnson & Johnson marketing toothpaste as “Band-Aid brand tooth cleaner”.

He has a point - Lightroom shares very little with Photoshop. But you've also got to accept people know the word Photoshop in a way they don't recognize Adobe. It was no use telling friends I was writing a book on the new program from Adobe - if they knew the name at all, it was because of PDF files. Tell them it was from the people who make Photoshop, and their eyes lit up, briefly.