I’ve updated my Video Metadata plugin with a small but potentially-useful option suggested by a user – saving the Will Export keywords to the video.

Previously the plugin tried to replicate Lightroom’s standard way of saving keywords when you use the menu command Metadata > Save Metadata to Files So it saved only those keywords which have actually been applied to the photos, and didn’t write synonyms or containing keywords into the videos.

While it makes plenty of sense to echo Lightroom’s built-in features, relying on its Export feature to write all the keywords into the exported copy of the video, I can imagine that plenty of users do not always export copies of videos from Lightroom. I know I don’t. Instead I will use the video that’s in Lightroom directly in a Premiere Pro project, so I can see how it would be handy to see all of a video’s keywords including synomyms.

That’s what the new option in 2.1 allows.