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Integrating with InDesign

If you want to create a book in InDesign using raw files adjusted in Lightroom, the way I recommend it to use a Publish service to create and maintain a folder of TIFs which you then use for the InDesign project: In Publish Services, click the + to add a new service. Select the Hard …read more

Dropbox for catalogues, presets and preferences

One promising approach is to use Mac aliases or Windows symbolic links (a bit like shortcuts). So for example, you would keep the catalogue itself in a Dropbox folder, but use aliases or symbolic links to store the catalogue’s previews separately in a folder that doesn’t get synchronised. When you move to the other computer, your catalogue will be available as soon as Dropbox’s sync operation has completed, just having to rebuild its previews which are stored locally. As always, the originals could be on a network address.

Publish to the cloud

When the LR3-Beta came out, one of my posts highlighted the less obvious aspect of the new Publish Service – the hard drive option – and I mentioned that I’ve already found it handy as a stepping stone between LR and InDesign. There will be plenty of other uses too, and I’ve already seen a …read more

LR3-beta – Publish Services

Like many of the features in LR3-beta, Publish Services seems a small step forward. Its obvious use is for those who use services like Flickr, Smugmug etc, and before long I hope SlideShowPro’s Director can also be included. But it isn’t just about the web – there’s also the Hard Drive option. This lets you …read more