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A Lightroom upres preset (updated)

The original post caused a bit of confusion because I didn't mention it affected dimensions like 8.5″which are not whole numbers. I've italicised my extra text. In London it's the rule that you wait ages for your bus, and just as the rain stops they come along in pairs, or threes, one after the other. …read more

Lightroom and multiple frame techniques

One of the best things about Photoshop CS3 is the improvements in stitching, and Lightroom’s product manager Tom Hogarty is one of those who is shooting more panoramas. Asked in this interview what he’d most like to see in 2.0, he says: That’s a good question. Let me think about that for a minute. For …read more

Lightroom 1.1 and the Collection method of creating virtual copies….

When you write a book on version 1.0 of a program, things are very much in flux. Apart from your publisher's deadline. Features change subtly and others are pulled at the last minute, or later, and you're never going to anticipate what might will appear in a dot release just a few months later - …read more

Born again

In a long PhotoshopNews post Jeff Schewe describes the new controls available in Adobe Camera Raw 4.1. It's a nice appetizer for what's going to be in Lightroom 1.1. I'm on the fence about the value of the Clarity slider, a wide area sharpening contrast adjustment. Apart from preferring the original name, “Punch”, I suspect …read more

I started something I couldn’t finish

Gunar Penikis has posted a surprisingly-ugly but interesting example of using Flash for a Bridge panel: Once loaded into the Bridge startup scripts folder, the BridgeExportToJPEG extension will demonstrate a Flash UI panel in Bridge that is functional in driving Bridge to create JPEGs and manipulate XMP metadata. All the thumbnails that are created in …read more

You send me

Here's a handy little registry hack which adds a “Send Folder to Lightroom” choice to Windows Explorer's right click menu. Either download and double click my registry file - read it first just to be sure - or copy this code into Notepad and save it as a file with an “reg” extension, then double …read more

The song remains the same

Lightroom or iView for DAM? It's such a big question, an amorphous one too, and I've not had much spare time recently. But I spent a bit of time giving an answer and thought I'd add it here too. The devil is always in the detail of one's personal needs and right now I am …read more

But I’m different now

Someone, who knew my opinion on the issue, sent me this spoof on Geek Culture's cartoon about Creative Suite 3's many versions. If Lightroom customers want it, so too do Photoshop users.

Why didn’t you call me….

James Duncan Davidson discusses the extension of the Photoshop brand into an online service and then turns on its addition to “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom”: The only people who will be impressed by the Photoshop brand being applied to Lightroom or an online-based photo tool are the very people who don't know what any of it …read more

Word up

Chris Shepherd has been busy getting a controlled vocabulary into both Lightroom and iView: Now that I am trying Lightroom I thought I would try out if it is possible to use a controlled vocabulary when keywording images. David Riecks at Controlled Vocabulary has produced a controlled vocabulary keyword catalogue, which is a great basis …read more

Common people

Part 2 of the interview with Lightroom's chief designer Mark Hamburg is at This one's mainly about the program's extensibility, and you'd expect me to find it particularly interesting: Developers will have to write their extensions in Lua. At one point?and it probably complicates the app a little?there was probably some notion that we?d …read more

Neat neat neat

Andrew Rodney describes Color management in Lightroom (pdf) We didn?t see much in the way of color management in Photoshop until v. 5.0, nearly 8 years after its initial release, and it was still rough around the edges. For a 1.0 product, Lightroom looks promising with respect to color management, but it?s a delicate balancing …read more

All the young dudes

With days left to go before Lightroom is released, Michael Tapes has a series of free videos (with a higher res DVD also available for $10.95). I got to know Michael virtually through the beta testing program and am not at al surprised that the style is professional and common sense - and I learned …read more

Complete control

Lightroom posts here will not be tutorials - you can get good short ones at places like Sean McCormack's and from these NAPP videos. In LR, the hows are far less difficult than understanding the whys. Here I hope to convey principles - such as the best practice for Lightroom's “Collections”. These virtual folders are …read more


Lightroom v1.0 is finally announced. At $200 or under ?150 I feel the price is about right and am also pleased the licence isn't limited to one brand of computer (Tom Hogarty here). Already people are posting v1 tutorials - see the wonderful Adjustment Painter - and I thought of doing one or two, but …read more

With a little help from my friends

There's an interview with Lightroom's chief designer Mark Hamburg at The volume problem really hit home in the fall of 2003 when I did my first shoot of nearly 500 images in one day. The things we?d been experimenting with like light table simulations just fell apart in the face of that sort of …read more

What’s he building? (Update)

I'm not overwhelmed by Lightroom's web gallery generation module - behind the scenes it's overcomplicated to customize, for instance to add a shopping cart link. But I was a bit overrun with work when Adobe Media Gallery was published and have only just got to look at it: Photoshop Elements and Lightroom ship with a …read more

All Tomorrow’s Parties

Lightroom Podcast 24 is definitely worth listening to. Three of the main guys behind Photoshop and Lightroom, Zelman Stern, Thomas Knoll and Mark Hamburg, discuss the development of Lightroom and ACR 4, and if you listen carefully you'll hear you a lot about what may well be in Lightroom version 1…. Find it at George …read more

Who are you?

I'm trying to come up with a name for programs like Lightroom, Aperture, LightZone and Capture NX that use instructions to process images. We've referred to programs like Photoshop as bitmap editors, but there's no agreed name for this new field. Peter Krogh has referred to the field “Metadata Imaging” and this seems snappy, but …read more

Purple haze

Added a group of photos to the History section. They are from a day I spent with American Civil War re-enactors back in October 2004. Some were already on the site, but I've given them all a new treatment using Lightroom. Apart from making them b&w and adding a purplish selenium tone, I also darkened …read more