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Simultaneous exports are up to 60% faster

Imagine you are doing a large export. What’s faster, selecting all the images and hitting export – or breaking the export down into a few batches and exporting each batch individually?

FTP directly from Lightroom

Can you upload files by FTP directly from within Lightroom?

What’s your workflow to Nik software?

What’s your workflow to Nik software? If you own Lightroom and Photoshop, Photoshop “smart objects” are the best way to use Nik apps. The workflow is easy. Do all your corrections in LR then select the image, right click and choose Edit In > Open as Smart Object in Photoshop. Then in Photoshop select the …read more

Limited locations for import, export, backup

There’s a funny bug in Lightroom on Windows when you try and select a folder or drive: When I try to export a selection of images from LR using Specific Folder (or choose folder later) the only available location that shows up in the hierarchy is my Desktop. No other folders/drives are visible. I had …read more

Emailing from Lightroom

Here’s a quick summary of how to email files from Lightroom: The built-in way is to export files as JPEGs to your hard drive, then attach the to an email. Neat, eh? 1990s retro computing enthusiasts line right up! To email files directly from Lightroom, see AndrĂ©as Saudemon’s Mac-limited export plug-in Send By Mail Plug-in …read more