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I want to break free

Apple's Aperture may still be Mac-limited but with Lightroom looming Apple have decided to provide a 30 day trial. Now how hard was that? Anyway, now I've also got a Mac there's no excuse other than time pressure for trying it. Helpfully O'Reilly have launched an Inside Aperture blog with handy advice on spending another …read more

Wishin’ and hopin’

Michael Reichmann is brewing a storm in a teacup about Hasselblad's decision to make their latest body only take Hasselblad digital backs. It has sparked quite a fuss in the site's forum, and one poster ejaculates: It looks like they (Hasselblad) are simply trying to knock down the competition while locking in their customer base. …read more

Don’t fence me in

OK, I am being mischievous by even suggesting Apple add to Aperture an “export to Lightroom” feature. And I wonder if anyone would ever find it worthwhile to map one metadata driven editor's XMP to another's sidecar format, or even one day use scripting to pass at least some data between Aperture and Lightroom. My …read more

Who are you?

I'm trying to come up with a name for programs like Lightroom, Aperture, LightZone and Capture NX that use instructions to process images. We've referred to programs like Photoshop as bitmap editors, but there's no agreed name for this new field. Peter Krogh has referred to the field “Metadata Imaging” and this seems snappy, but …read more

Carpet crawler

Bob Johnson at Earthbound Light looks at Nikon Capture NX in Hands On and Second Thoughts: So, what's my verdict on Capture NX? I must say I have developed a deeper appreciation for what Nikon and Nik Software set out to create, but I'm not sure it's for me. My workflow revolves around Photoshop and …read more

Summer breeze

I guess I'll miss it when Windows users no longer moan about the lack of a Lightroom beta: See the raw files jumping off the flash cards To your hard drive on a Friday might A beta Lightroom?s a-promised for Windows In summer - everything?s alright CHORUS: Summer beta will make me feel fine Processing …read more

Ain’t no sunshine

Listening to Lightroom podcast #8, as a PC user I'm frustrated at not still being able to test it for myself. But frankly Mac users who've got their hands on the program do so as photographers first, no matter how much they often bore you with their computer brand. So let them clap with joy …read more


It's hot, Sven buggered it up, and John's getting grumpy. If it's not for Mac users of iView predicting the apocalypse after Microsoft's takeoever, it's Windows users unable to understand Adobe's statement they'll release a Lightroom beta for PC during the summer. And today yet another asks “why are you adobe people still making us …read more

Blood on the rooftops

Not one of the tandoori-chewing DAM glitterati, Mike Tedesco is Microsoft's Technical Evangelist - Pro Photo Community, and is therefore considered by some Apple-brand loyalists to be second to antichrist. He gives some responses to the iView takeover in this dpReview thread. Thom Hogan's comments are perhaps closest to my own speculation. When I was …read more

Stuck inside of Mobile….

From this DAM and Aperture thread at the Open Photography Forum: Sidecar Hell is only one issue, but a panacea for it already is to use the DNG format and store both the informational metadata and the editing metadata in the extensible XMP. There's no real reason why, just as Adobe stores its camera raw …read more

The end of the world as we know it?

You can really end a presentation on a bang when you demonstrate a product and then tell your partly-Mac audience that one minute ago the company was sold to Microsoft. But there I was yesterday at Old Trafford doing a one hour presentation on DAM with iView. It began at 4 and iView had called …read more

Smoke on the water

As for the demo of Nikon Capture NX today, I'll just say the guy was demonstrating it on a laptop he'd only had for 3 days and had only seen the program for the first time yesterday. So he was reading his Powerpoints word by word, didn't know where his demo images were, and didn't …read more

Things ain’t what they used to be

A bit of an opinion piece today. Lots of Windows-based photographers are complaining that the Lightroom beta is still Mac-only. I've read some describe it as an insult, others claim they urgently need it for cataloguing (trust your DAM to a beta?) and they seem unable to understand the commercial reasons behind it. It's not …read more

Blowin’ in the wind

Ben Long looks at the forthcoming Nikon Capture NX. This comment from the writer, a Canon user, caught my eye: If you're like me, you probably thought that NEF was merely Nikon's format for its Raw files, but the spec is actually much more versatile than that. NEF files can include Raw data or regular …read more

Houses of the holy

“I would like my images to be available in the future”, “My picture is my personal property. When a manufacturer decides to lock me out of free usage (by encrypting, or so), I recommend to boycott this manufacturer” and “If i'm gonna use raw i want to make sure i can read those files forever”, …read more


Lightzone from Lightcrafts has been around for a year or so and is another of the new breed of raw image file processors like Adobe's Lightroom beta and Apple's Mac-only Aperture. I looked at it a while ago and it was only available on the Mac, but now it's available for the PC too as …read more

One eyed?

Scott Bourne writes about 18 Ways That Aperture Is Better Than Lightroom. Yeah, yeah, how about countering that with the point that Aperture will never run on 95% of computers?

Portfolio 8 smarts

There's a well-written article “Establishing a Metadata-Driven Workflow with Portfolio 8” by Veit Irtenkauf at Digital Outback. While Veit rightly emphasizes the real value of Portfolio 8's new automated cataloguing and smart galleries, apparently small but very powerful features. Yet it's hard to disagree with his first sentence: “There do not seem to be many …read more

Dr Brown’s new clothes?

For a month or two now, during which time we've seen the demise of Agfa's film arm and Nikon's virtual cessation of film camera production, there have also been question marks over Photoshop's dominance of digital photography. Two new programs, Apple's Aperture and now Adobe's Lightroom, have been generating a lot of digital photographic heat. …read more

Raw wars

Luminous Landscape reports on the beta of Adobe's Lightroom. Apparently it's been in the works for 18 months and looks like it has both photo managment and raw processing features, so it's not just Adobe's Aperture-killer, it's also going to threaten the rest of the digital asset management tools. The beta's only available on the …read more