I guess I'll miss it when Windows users no longer moan about the lack of a Lightroom beta:

See the raw files jumping off the flash cards
To your hard drive on a Friday might
A beta Lightroom?s a-promised for Windows
In summer - everything?s alright

Summer beta will make me feel fine
Processing the raw files from my shoot
A Windows beta will make me feel fine
Burning through the pixels on E drive

See Aperture a-scowling on the sidewalk
A siren?s call from the Mac next door
So I walk on up to my PC
Check the screen and then wait some more

Repeat chorus

Sweet days of summer, Mac beta's in bloom
July is half gone but our beta?s here soon
When I come home from a hard day?s work
And it?s waiting there, not a care in the world

See the smile a-waiting for Lightroom
Call for pizza and the plate?s for one
Feel new tools that convert all my raw files
In the evening when the day is through