photo: stepBackInHistory(#steps)

One I’ve never solved was to take multiple photos back one History step. Imagine if you’ve applied a preset to lots of pictures, then closed LR – you can only recover by editing each photo individually. Rob Cole once did something called ScrewAutoSync which was based on SQL hacking, but a photo: stepBackInHistory(#steps) would be great.


LrApplication:sendKeystrokes( {keystroke combo, keystroke combo….})?

The idea is to avoid having to ask for lots of different SDK features, so we can generically call built-in functions

Keystroke combo might be a list of IDs of menu items and UI elements.

One example might be to run through a series of stacks, sending the command to merge to HDR.


LrApplication.addMenuItem(name, plugin function, position)

So we can add plugin commands in places that make sense



A trigger that runs after an import completes


photo:setVCtoMaster(Name or ID of VC, New copy name for master)