The latest Lightroom podcast is one of the better ones and features the program's database designer Eric Scouten. There's little of the image processing stuff that Adobe finds easiest and much more about managing the pixel mountain from someone who sounds as if he really understands the problems users have in this area.

One of the most salient points is the mention of smart collections for v2 which Eric speaks about both in terms of saving queries that help you find groups of pictures, such as files with keywords X and Y shot in country X over a certain period, and in terms of managing your workflow. So you might work through a job by set up a checklist-style series of queries that first list all the items that you've not yet captioned , then the ones with no keywords, those without copyright notices, and so on. Lightroom's a database application and user-definable queries, even with a dumbed down name such as smart albums or smart collections, are sorely needed. It's great to hear that need being voiced.

Also take a look at Eric's web site. I like the “humor” section most.