News that the excellent SlideShowPro Flash gallery is coming to Lightroom:

With that, there will be two versions of the plugin - a “complete” version that ships with everything a new customer (without Flash or SlideShowPro) needs, and an “incomplete” version designed for existing users of SlideShowPro. For the “incomplete” version, you simply publish a SWF containing the component and add it to the SlideShowPro for Lightroom's plugin folder. Your “incomplete” version will then be “complete,” and ready to go.

Both versions will be purchasable, with “incomplete” obviously costing less than “complete,” but we haven't figured out exact pricing yet. Expect more information on that, including screenshots, in the near future!

It'll be interesting to see how well it's done and how much the “incomplete” version costs. Such a gallery engine can already be written by any SSP owner who has the right knowledge. As I've adapted SSP for iView, I'm rather surprised some third party hasn't released one already.