I've had ProShow Producer for a year and intended to use it to prepare a multimedia slide show of a wedding I recently shot at Cliveden. And just in the nick of time, there's now a ProShow Plug-in for Lightroom. It's another export plug-in - these things are beginning to pile up, aren't they?

As Proshow is still Windows-only, surprisingly, here's a screenshot so Mac users know roughly what the plug-in does (I often hear Mac converts who miss ProShow). You set a range of ProShow parameters such as transition style, and titles, captions and copyright information from the catalogue's metadata. Lightroom then generates JPEGs, and starts up ProShow with the slideshow built. You can then add other features and edit the show before burning it to DVD, Blu-ray, Flash, YouTube, iPod, Blackberry….

It seems pretty neat. As I'd like to do something fancy for the wedding, I'll be giving it a severe test over the next week or so.