Syncomatic (available here) is a Lightroom Classic plug-in that synchronises Library and Develop settings between matching files. It can match using:

  • file names including possible differences such as a suffix like “-edit”
  • from the top item of a stack to the other stacked items
  • capture times

Here are some examples of how it’s being used:

  • One photographer sends JPEGs to clients
    • they add ratings in Bridge for pictures they want
    • client sends the files back to her
    • she imports the JPEGs into LR
    • she then uses Syncomatic to copy the client’s ratings from the JPEGs to the raw files
  • Another photographer outsources her raw processing but continues to keyword and add other metadata to raw files in her catalogue. When the TIF/PSD files are returned, she updates their metadata with Syncomatic.
  • Files hidden inside stacks, or virtual copies, don’t have the same metadata as the one that’s on top. Syncomatic corrects this.

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