The Search tab searches through the chosen metadata field looking for a word or phrase, and then replaces all its occurrences with alternative text.

Search Replace Transfer is a plug-in for Lightroom (versions 2-Classic) which automates changes to metadata. It has a wide range of features including:

  1. Search and replace words like a word processor
  2. Append text before or after existing text
  3. Transfer text between metadata fields
  4. Workflow filters let you review your metadata entry in important fields like the title, caption and keywords
  5. Caption builder lets you construct captions from other fields
  6. Makes most EXIF/IPTC and Develop values searchable

Under these broad headings, this plugin is a bit of a Swiss army knife and can automate many mundane tasks while saving loads of time.

For example, while the plugin isn’t allowed to change text in filenames, one unexpected but powerful application is in complex file renaming as it lets you manipulate the filename in another field, which you then use in LR’s built-in renaming tool.

Test without buying

Works fully in unregistered mode but you are only able to process a few images at a time.

You can test the plugin without buying. While in unregistered mode, its features work fully but you are only able to process a few images at a time.

Help pages and tips

Video: on this date

Search & Replace 1.7 (ie 2.0)

I said April, and it's the 30th, so here is Search & Replace 1.7 with extra features and general tidying up to make it more intuitive to use.

Filtering by months, captions etc with Search and Replace

Responding to a forum query about finding images by month, I write this little tip about using the Library Filter in conjunction with the plugin’s Refresh Workflow Filters command. This menu command Plugin Extras >┬áRefresh Workflow Filters analyses the selected photos and the results can be shown in Library Filter columns:       Notice more

How to use Caption Builder

Anyone want to try a new feature that's coming in my Search and Replace plugin? The new feature is called "caption builder" and lets you build up captions from other fields.

Parse and audit – workflow filters

I've just released version 1.47 of my Search Replace Transfer plugin. Apart from a couple of bug fixes, there are some new capabilities. You can now filter your catalogue on almost any EXIF/IPTC/Develop field.

Complex File Renaming – using Search & Replace

Replacing text in filenames is a common need and for example Adobe Bridge's renaming dialog box does it with its "string substitution" option. But this capability has never been available in Lightroom. I suspect it is as simple as Bridge's "string substitution" only introduced during Lightroom's early days and it was overlooked when batch rename was designed. And sadly, this omission has never been rectified, even 13 years after I started whining to Adobe about it....

Custom metadata and Lightroom

Maybe later this week I’ll wheel out the new LR3-friendly version of my Search, Replace and Transfer plug-in. There’s still a bit of testing to do though because I’ve had to find ways to work around LR3’s database access change – when your plug-in’s dialog box provides immediate feedback, you’ve a bit of a problem more

Search and replace – the very first release

The term Release Candidate reminds me as much of Ronnie Biggs‘ impending release from jail, but here is a Release Candidate of BeardyReplace, my Lightroom 2.3 plug-in designed for changing text in Metadata Panel fields. It does three things: 1. Searches and replaces metadata text 2. Appends text to metadata fields 3. Transfers text between more