This 2 minute video shows the basic way to use the Lightroom plugin Capture Time to EXIF and explains how to update a scanned photo with the camera make and model. Also see part 2 on troubleshooting.

These are the key steps:

  1. Select the pictures in Lightroom’s Library – Grid view is best
  2. Run the plug-in using the menu item Library > Plug-In Extras > Capture Time to Exif
  3. If you want to change EXIF dates
    1. Either enter a single date to apply to all the photos, or
    2. Check the Use photos’ Date Created field if you have previously entered individual dates in the Metadata panel’s Date Created field
  4. Enter any changes to the camera model or lens
  5. Generally, leave the Automatically run Lightroom’s Save Metadata enabled.
  6. Press OK – this runs the Exiftools command and closes the dialog box
  7. Wait a few moments to let Exiftool finish working
  8. Use Lightroom’s Metedata > Read metadata from Files