I create and maintain a range of Lightroom plug-ins, mainly related to metadata. I also do some custom development and have practical experience of a wide range of tools (I used to be a financial IT consultant specifying and implementing business systems) :

Custom scripts can be quick for me to write but can save you lots of time.

Small ones can be done on an Amazon wish list basis.

Search Replace Transfer

Search Replace Transfer is for searching and replacing metadata like a word processor.

jb Video Metadata

jb Video Metadata is designed to save standard IPTC metadata from the catalogue back to video files, read standard IPTC metadata from video files which are already in the catalogue.


Syncomatic synchronises Library and Develop settings between pairs of files with matching names or within stacks

List View

ListView is a plug-in for Lightroom that displays images in a list style just like in most other DAM (digital asset management) programs, and exports metadata directly to Excel or a browser.

Open Directly

Open Directly opens the original images directly in another program. The other program may be another raw converter, or any program the user chooses.

Capture Time to Exif

Capture Time to Exif is an in-Lightroom interface for Exiftool, the command-line application for reading, writing and editing meta information in raw files.


Locktastic is a simple plug-in that marks read-only or "locked" files with the red label.

Collection Tools

jb Collection Tools makes it easier to work with Lightroom's collections and published collections and sets, even copying them from catalogue to catalogue


FolderSize is a free plug-in that loops through all the selected images and analyses them by folder. It counts them and shows how much disc space they use.


This plugin applies Fuji film simulations in Lightroom, automatically setting the corresponding profile.

Big Note

Big Note is a very simple plug-in that adds a big note field to the Metadata panel. You can store any text in the field, and it can also be searched by smart collections.